Arg of Tabriz (Arg-e Alishah)

Highest Historical Wall in Iran

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Arg of Tabriz includes the remnants of a big fortification and a city wall in downtown Tabriz. It is one of the most prominent historical monuments in Tabriz. The complex includes a colossal mosque built at the behest of Taj al-Din Alishah in the 8th century.

The title of the highest historical wall in Iran belongs to Arg of Tabriz, or Arg-e Alishah. As historian has put it, it was the only structure in Tabriz which was visible at a great distance.

Arg-e Alishah
Arg of Tabriz

A devastating earthquake in 1721, reduced many parts of Arg of Tabriz to rubble. The southern iwan is in fact the only remnant of that huge brick edifice which symbolized the historical city of Tabriz. During the Constitutional Revolution, the forces of revolutionary leaders Sattar Khan and Baqer Khan took cover in the fortification against the cannon fire of Qajar King Mohammad Ali Shah’s troops.

Today, the structure is at the center of Tabriz and cavernous Jameh Mosque is constructed next to it.

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