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Iranian Theater

HelloPersia Nov 25, 2018 2 min read

We all know that Tehran is not like a Paris full of great artists. But it has enough art galleries and theater halls to attract anyone from anywhere. They can win the hearts and minds of all people around the world. If you look for some amusement in Iran just visit Tehran!

Are you looking for a place to see Iran’s old history or listen to Iranian traditional music? Are you a fan of paintings and art exhibition? For sure, Tehran will entertain you because it has more than enough cultural centers you can even imagine. Contemporary art museum, Khaney-e Honarmandan (the house of artists), Shirin art gallery, Seyhoun gallery, Reza Abbasi Museum, Khan-e Akasan-e Iran (the house of Iranian photographers) and a wide number of Farhangsara (lit. the house of culture) are among the cultural centers that will make you feel excited.

Iranian Theater
Iranian Theater

Watching theater performances is gradually becoming an inseparable part of the Tehran residents’ life. You can get a good grasp of local culture by watching such productions.

The performances are mainly in Persian. But if you are in Tehran, it’s a pity to miss some theater houses like Theater-e Shahr, Iran Shahr, theater-e Baran, Talar-e Vahdat (Vahdat hall), Hafiz hall, and Molavi hall. Enjoy watching the best stage plays in the country.

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