Constitution House of Tabriz

Headquarters of Constitutional Movement

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The Constitution House of Tabriz is among the top attractions in the northwestern Iranian city. It is within the walking distance of the Bazaar of Tabriz. The building is historically significant as a headquarters during the 1906-1911 Constitutional Revolution in Iran. The house was designed and built by famous architect “Haj Vali Mimar” for well-off Tabrizi businessman Haj Mahdi Kuzekonani. The businessman later joined constitutional revolutionists and dedicated his house to their meetings.

Constitutional house Tabriz
Constitution House of Tabriz

After the 1908 bombardment of the Majlis of Iran, national heroes including Sattar Khan and Baqer Khan used to meet in the Constitution House of Tabriz to make historic decisions. Reformist Shia cleric Seqat-ol-Eslam Tabrizi and Mirza Aqa Farshi were among other notable figures who frequented the site.

The two-story house flaunts the Qajar-era architectural style. It has two courtyards namely “Andarouni” and “Birouni”. The building also features a central fountain pool, stained glass floor-to-ceiling arched windows, a stunning skylight and carved wooden doors. The house is now a museum and exhibits significant documents, statues of revolutionists and their personal properties such as Sattar Khan’s sidearm.

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