Enchanting Persian Gardens

The Paradise on Earth

HelloPersia Nov 26, 2018 2 min read

Persian gardens have a distinct identity. These UNESCO-registered gardens date back to roughly 2500 years ago when Persians sought to create a paradise on Earth. In fact, the word “paradise” comes from the enclosed garden located in Cyrus the Great’s palace. The rectangular shape of the garden represented the four sacred Zoroastrian elements of sky, earth, water, and fire. Over the centuries, the architecture was developed and perfected in various regions of Iran.

Shapouri Garden Shiraz

Everything in Persian gardens is there for a reason. The walls around the garden create a separate environment which often is in contrast to the dry surroundings. Different kinds of trees serve different purposes. For instance, tall trees act as wind-breakers to stop sand or dirt from blowing in, whereas trees that grow out horizontally create shade to relax in. Ducts guide water throughout the complex and feed the plants spread in different patches. The pavilion is the main building where the lord of the garden would sit to enjoy this magnificent sight.

Shiraz is the perfect place to see these spectacular constructs. Among the many fine examples within the city, Jahan Nama, Delgosha, Eram, and Golshan (Afifabad) gardens stand out. Enjoy walking under beautiful  big trees, gazing at the colorful flower patches, relaxing in the shade beside flowing canals and contemplating in these soothing settings.

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