Fin Garden

Iranian Garden of Eden

HelloPersia Nov 26, 2018 2 min read

Fin Garden, or Bagh-e Fin, in the city of Kashan in Iran’s central Isfahan Province is a traditional Persian garden. The unmatched beauty of the garden is undoubtedly considered as one of Kashan’s stunning attractions. The garden is in fact like a paradise lying in the middle of the desert.

Many tourists from around the world, take a trip to Iran each year to visit the heritage of the Persian civilization such as Fin Garden. The garden is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is listed as one of the nine Persian Gardens which represent the Garden of Eden.

The architecture showcases geometrical shapes that give the visitor amazing perspectives. Some say the garden dates back to the early Safavid period but there is no document to substantiate this claim.

Fin Garden in Kashan
Fin Garden in Kashan

Spread over 23,000 square meters, Fin Garden is in some ways similar to Shazdeh Garden in Kerman. The garden features a central yard, fortification wall and cylindrical towers. Tall walls separate the garden from its surroundings. There are also cedar trees with an age of up to 500 years around the garden.

The nearby Soleimanieh Spring supplies water to the garden. Being a Persian Garden, the chahar bagh (meaning four gardens) layout is evident in Fin. It is quadrilateral in shape and divided into four parts by waterways. The waterways are supplied with water from a source in the middle of the garden.

Fin Garden has two bathhouses. Both of the bathhouses are located in the southern part of the garden. The bathhouses in Fin Garden attract the largest number of visitors mainly due to the assassination of Amir Kabir in one of the bathhouses. So if you plan to visit Kashan during your tour of Iran, then Fin Garden is a must-see.

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