Hasht Behesht Palace

The Eight Heavens

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Hasht Behesht Palace used to be one of the residences of last Safavid rulers. It is located on  one of the main streets in Isfahan with much historical value.

Sitting in a lush garden, the facades of this octagon-shaped palace flaunts a unique architecture and design. First-floor rooms of the two-story palace feature colorful plaster-work and paintings. What you may find interesting about the palace is the use of number 8 in its architecture. In addition to being an octagonal building, the palace features an eight-sided fountain pool in the central hall. Most of the bricks used in covering the floor are also octagonal. You can enjoy the sight of painted muqarnas on the awe-inspiring ceiling of the palace.

Hasht Behesht Palace
Hasht Behesht Palace

The second floor has different corridors and rooms, each having a unique design and its own special feel. Vaulted and latticed windows and doors decorated with khatam-kari (a precious Persian handicraft) will also grab your attention. Once rooms were covered with fresco and mirror work but they were seriously damaged during the Qajar dynasty. The palace, however, is still splendid enough to be a must-see attraction in Isfahan.

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