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Nartitee Eco-lodge

Farzad Hosseinpour Jan 9, 2019 3 min read

It’s never been easy to travel and stay in a place which feels exactly like home. Nartitee is an eco-lodge where almost every visitor says feels like home. Right in front of this 100-year-old house, there is a big pomegranate garden which belongs to the Shohrat family and they take care of it. In 2015, Ramtin Shohrat decided to turn his grandfather’s house to an eco-lodge and his wife Tina has been helping him from the very first days.

Nartitee ecolodge in Taft
Ramtin and Tina in Nartitee Eco-lodge

“Nartitee” means pomegranate blossoms, which you can see all around the house in the spring.  All the seasons except mid-summer there is a lot to explore in Nartitee. Autumn is the pomegranate harvesting season, so it is one of the best times to say there. You can easily get into the garden and pick Anar (the Persian word for pomegranate) while you are enjoying the amazing view of mountains surrounding the house.

Speaking of mountains Nartitee is very close to Shirkooh (the tallest mountain in Yazd rising to 4075 meters). Many visitors stay in Nartitee to get some good rest before heading to Shirkooh. They wake up early in the morning to have enough time to climb to the top and enjoy stunning views of mountains and small villages scattered around.

Nartitee is tied to nature and if you love nature it is the best place to choose when you are in Yazd. It is a cozy old house in a town called Taft just 20 minutes from the center of Yazd.

Nartitee Room
A Room in Nartitee Eco-lodge

Here you can enjoy many different activities including table football, mountain climbing, biking, walking, rock climbing and simply spending some relaxing time inside the beautiful pomegranate garden.

If you get the chance to visit the eco-lodge during the spring or summer, sleep on the rooftop. Before that make sure you are okay with waking up with the first rays of sunlight warming your face!

Nartitee Garden
Nartitee Garden

Last but not least don’t forget to rent a bike from the eco-lodge and explore the old part of Taft with it. What could be better than biking through pomegranate gardens with water streams and singing birds?

No matter if you are traveling alone or with family, you are in good hands when you choose Nartitee. Ramtin and Tina spill water behind you as an Iranian folk custom to make sure you’ll be safe during the rest of your journey and will come back soon.

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