How Can I Extend My Iran Visa?

Iran Visa Extension

Farzad Hosseinpour Jan 23, 2019 3 min read

Iranian tourist visas are usually issued for a stay of up to 30 days. But there is no reason to worry if you want to stay longer in Iran. You can easily extend your visa in the country. Usually, Iran extends tourist visas by the original duration twice. This means that you can stay in Iran up to 90 days if you manage to get your visa extension both times.

What documents do I need to extend my Iran visa?

You will need the following documents to get a visa extension:

  1. The visa extension approval letter
  2. Two passport-size photos
  3. Your passport, copies of the front page and the Iranian visa/stamp page of your passport
  4. Two filled-out visa extension forms and a folder
  5. The entrance stamp
  6. A payment receipt for the sum of 345,000 Rials towards bank account no. 2171151302005 at Bank Melli Iran (as of January 2019)

How can I extend my Iran visa?

There is a simple procedure for extending Iran tourist visas:

  1. Go to an Immigration and Passport Police office. You can find these offices in major Iranian cities. You can find a list of some of these offices and their addresses at the end of this article.

Note: Immigration offices can get really crowded sometimes and it may take you up to 4 hours to get your visa extension. So, we recommend that you go to the visa renewal office early in the morning to be able to collect your passport and visa extension the same day.

  1. When you enter you should hand in your mobile phone and receive a chit to reclaim it later when you leave.
  2. Go to the visa renewal office. They will give you a chit with an account number and the sum of money you should pay at a nearby Bank Melli Iran. They will also ask for copies of the front page and Iranian visa/stamp page of your passport.
  3. Go to the nearest Bank Melli and make the payment after filling out a deposit slip.
  4. Go back to the visa renewal office with the payment receipt in hand. They will ask you to complete two visa extension forms. You will also need to hand in your passport, two passport-size photos and a folder.
  5. If all goes well you can collect your passport with the visa extension the same day.

Visa extension offices in major Iranian cities

Tehran: There are two Immigration and Passport Police offices in Tehran. One of them extends visas issued by embassies/consulates while the other extends visas issued on arrival.

  1. For Extending visas issued by embassies: Kooh-e Noor Street, Shahid Motahari Street (Find it on Google Map)
  2. For Extending Visa on Arrival: Parastoo Alley, Valiasr Street, near junction with Dr Fatemi Street (Find it on Google Map)
Iran Passport Police
Immigration and Passport Police Office in Tehran

Mashhad: Pirouzi Boulevard, Shahid Kaveh Square (Find it on Google Map)

Shiraz: Modarres 57 Street, Modarres Boulevard, Near Valiasr Square (Find it on Google Map)

Isfahan: Vahid Street, Next to Police Department No. 15, Roudaki Bypass (Find it on Google Map)

Tabriz: Saeb Tabriz Street, Close to Seyidlar Junction (Find it on Google Map)

Yazd: Ferdowsi Street, Hazrate Ghasem Square (Find it on Google Map)

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