Jabalieh Dome

The Rocky Monument

Farzad Hosseinpour May 6, 2019 2 min read

Jabalieh Dome is too good to miss on your way to the Kalouts in Kerman Province. It is an octagonal historical structure dating back to the Seljuk era. The monument has been a national heritage site since 1973. It lies within walking distance of two major cemeteries on the eastern edges of Kerman.

Some say Jabalieh Dome was built in the late the Sassanian era. However, some believe it was constructed during the early Islamic era resembling the Sassanian architecture. There are also differing views when it comes to the function of the structure. Some say it was a Zoroastrian fire temple while others believe it was a splendid monument to honor an important figure.

Jabalieh Dome in Kerman
Jabalieh Dome in Kerman

The building is made of solid stone, brick and camel milk which was used to bond the construction materials together. The well-built structure has lasted many years and is in good shape today. It also survived a major earthquake in 2004.

The height of Jabalieh Dome is 20 meters and there are eight portals around it. All but one of the portals have been blocked in order to strengthen the structure and prevent its destruction over time.

Currently, Jabalieh serves as a museum of old gravestones and inscriptions. The smallest gravestone in Kerman with a dimension of 22×26 cm is on display in the museum. The lush and leafy garden in which Jabalieh Dome sits is one of the main hangouts for locals.

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