Jameh Mosque of Isfahan

Islamic Architecture

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Walking through old neighborhoods has always been a good way to discover historical gems in hidden corners of historic cities. Isfahan is no exception in this regard. A joyous walk through the labyrinths of the Qeysarie bazaar will lead you to a stunning exhibition of Iranian architecture. The UNESCO-listed Jameh Mosque of Isfahan is the largest mosque in Iran.

The mosque has a 4-iwan architectural style. It boasts the geometric elegance of the Seljuks as well as the refinements of the more baroque Safavid style. Some say Seljuks built the mosque at the site of a fire temple dating back to the Sassanid era when Zoroastrianism was the dominant religion of Persia.

Jameh Mosque of Isfahan
Jameh Mosque of Isfahan

Highlights include the monumental porch of the northern iwan which is awash with Kufic inscriptions. Numerous domes on the mosque’s southern iwan (each with a unique design) will also draw your attention. The splendid Taj al-Mulk dome, the most delicate and elegant brick dome in the country, and the stucco mihrab in the Room of Sultan Uljeitu are also among the attractions.

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