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Attractive Ancient Village

HelloPersia Nov 26, 2018 2 min read

If you are planning to make a trip to Iran, make sure to put Kashan on your itinerary. The city’s numerous attractions will steal your heart. Among these beautiful attractions, is the ancient village of Abyaneh or the Red Village. The first view of Abyaneh will take your breath away.

Abyaneh dates back to some 2,500 years ago. Located in Isfahan Province (near Kashan and Natanz), Abyaneh is one of the top three villages in Iran attracting visitors from Iran and across the world. It is famous for its living traditions and interesting architecture. All the houses in Abyaneh are built with red mud bricks, giving the village a very special look.

Abyaneh people
Locals in Abyaneh Village

The village is in a long and narrow valley at the foot of Karkas Mountains. In Abyaneh the architectural style has similarities with another famous Iranian village Masuleh. In both villages, the roofs of some houses serve as the courtyard of the house higher up on the slope.

When should you visit Abyaneh?

The best time to visit the ancient village of Abyaneh is the spring and fall but you can visit Kashan anytime. People’s customs, as well as their language, are untouched in the village just due to its highland setting. A beautiful display of colors in red mud-brick houses with lattice windows and wooden terraces can catch everyone’s eye. People of Abyaneh have a traditional costume style which is both unique and very eye-catching. The main feature of the outfit is the handcrafted scarves with intricate patterns.

You should explore the labyrinth of the village’s alleyways to discover its stunning beauty. The Red Village is one of the oldest human settlements in Iran. Some believe it was home to Persian refugees who fled the invasion of Arabs in the seventh century. So if you plan to visit Abyaneh have an eye for the special architecture, traditional ceremonies and rituals, and hospitable locals in traditional dresses and divine local food.

There are a number of attractions in the village including Imamzadeh-e Yahya, the Zeyaratgah Shrine, Harpak Fire Temple, Hinza (Anahita) Temple, and Jameh Mosque of Abyaneh.

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