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Kandovan, the Rocky Village

Cone-shaped Homes

Less than 1 minute

It must be quite exciting to spend some time in cave homes, isn’t it? Well if you are that kind of adventure traveler looking for breathtaking experiences then Kandovan is too good to miss. It makes a great destination for a day trip if you are staying in nearby Tabriz.

Kandovan, the cone-shaped Homes
The landscape of cliff dwellings

Nestled on the foothills of Sahand Mountain in West Azerbaijan, the magical thirteen-century village houses a cluster of cone-shaped homes. The troglodyte dwellings are carved out of ancient volcanic eruptions of Mount Sahand. Wind and water worked on volcanic eruptions and left only harder elements behind to form a landscape of cones. Human hands performed equally incredible works here and created a mesmerizing landscape of cliff dwellings connected through steep paths in a relatively small area.

In comparison with its Turkish counterpart Cappadocia, Kandovan is small but what it lacks in size it makes up for in the life that flows through the labyrinth of its alleyways and hospitality of its inhabitants.


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