National Jewels Museum

Treasury of National Jewels

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The treasury has an interesting history, dating back to centuries but is actual value is still unknown. The Iranian kings collected jewels when the country wasn’t at war! With a look at history, we can find that during the Sassanid era, especially Khosrow Parviz, treasuries were mythical and legendary.

In the Safavid era, Iranian kings were really fond of collecting jewelry to show off their power and authority. So, they sent agents to Europe and neighboring countries to collect priceless jewelry.

National Jewels Museum
Pahlavi Crown, Treasury of National Jewels

Some of Iran’s treasury was plundered by Afghans and sent to India. But Iranian king Nadir Shah returned all of them to Iran. However, after his death, Afghans plundered again some of Iran’s treasures including the world’s largest cut diamond, the Kuh-e Nur. It is now in the UK!

Today, you can see all the priceless and royal jewelry of Iran in the National Jewels Museum. Iran’s Central Bank owns the collection. When you visit Tehran, make sure to pay a visit to the museum which exhibits an excellent collection of precious stones and jewels.

Some of Iran’s royal jewelry include Darya-ye Nur (Sea of Light), the largest uncut diamond in the world, the Peacock (Naderi) Throne, marvelous Kiani Crown made for Fath Ali Shah, also worn by the last king of Pahlavi dynasty and his wife (Farah) and the splendid Globe of Jewels.

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