National Museum of Iran

A Brief Overview of Ancient Iran

HelloPersia Nov 25, 2018 Less than 1 minute

If you are a fan of history then the National Museum of Iran will surprise you with its wealth of valuable collections. Here you can find a large number of archaeological relics, including artifacts from prehistoric Iran to the Sassanid period. So you’d better make sure not to miss such a marvelous attraction in Tehran.

National museum Iran
Iran national museum building

It is the largest archaeological museum in the country. The architecture of the 80-year-old museum is in harmony with the objects on display. The portal of the main building is inspired by Taq Kasra, a Sassanid-era Persian monument. Furthermore, even the color of bricks in the structure resembles the architecture of the Sassanid era. You can find artifacts including ceramics, pottery, reliefs, columns, capitals, stone figures and carvings in the main building. The other building exhibits post-Islamic art such as splendid Islamic calligraphy and tiles.

You can visit the National Museum of Iran anytime you wish. If you visit the museum early in your trip, it will give you an informative overview on what you have ahead to visit. If the museum is at the end of your visit, it will definitely remind you of what you have already seen.

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