Picturesque Historic Bridges

Walking over Picturesque Historic Bridges

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Isfahan is known for its scenic bridges built on the Zayanderud. If you are looking for a relaxing walk then these historic bridges are the places to visit. Biking alongside the river is also a good way to have a fresh start to the day or to spend evenings a little bit differently. In total, 11 bridges cross the Zayanderud. Iran has registered 3 of them on the list of its national heritage sites. Pol-e Marnan, Pol-e Joui, Pol-e Shahrestan, Pol-e Khaju, and the world-famous Si-o-se-pol are the five historic bridges of Isfahan. Pol-e Shahrestan is the oldest one, dating back to the Sassanid era.

Si-o she Pol ,33 Bridge
Si-o-se-pol or the Allahverdi Khan Bridge

Pol-e Khaju and Si-o-se-pol are the most popular ones. In fact, the two boast a more sophisticated architecture and designs decorated with intricate tile-work and paintings. As a hangout for locals, you will see plenty of young boys and girls, couples and families at Si-o-se-pol, walking from the beautiful bridge to the nearby Pol-e Khaju, and back.


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