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Heavenly Scent of Roses

Farzad Hosseinpour Feb 27, 2019 3 min read

Kashan and its surrounding villages can amaze you in multiple ways. It is the place where you can enjoy whole new experiences other than visiting its jaw-dropping historical attractions. Each year in May, the musky scent of rosewater pervades the air in this part of Iran. And that means it is time for the famous annual Rose and Rosewater Festival.

A Rose Garden near Kashan
A Rose Garden near Kashan

The thousand-year-old festival provides a sensory rush of lovely colors and fragrant smells. During the festival, pink damask roses, known as Gol-e Mohammadi in Iran, are handpicked and boiled in special pots to extract rosewater. The product is of exemplary quality and well-known in the world. Each year, tens of thousands of people come to Kashan to watch and be part of the unique festival.

Rosewater Distillation Pot
Rosewater Distillation Pot

You may have used rosewater but if you want to know how it has been traditionally produced just don’t miss the delightful event. If you have your mind set on attending the festival then we can provide you a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a 2-day Pink Tour.

Tour Details

A guide will accompany you to a charming and traditional distillation site as the first stop in the 2-day tour package.  There you can produce rosewater from your handpicked roses. Then in the Natural Essence Research Center of Kashan, you will get familiar with the fragrance world that is so alluring to both professionals and amateurs.

Rosewater Distillation Site
Rosewater Distillation Site

Next comes a memorable visit to Rosewater Museum. Rosewater distillation dates back to the Sassanid era in Iran. At the museum, you can get to know traditional methods and equipment Iranians used to produce rosewater.  You will be surprised by your accommodation which is in a cute Eco-lodge in a small village with a starry sky and fresh mountain air.

Kashan Visit
Guide Gives Information About Local Plants

The next day, you will go for a hike in the gorgeous nature of Kashan. An experienced botanist will teach you secrets about local plants, their habitats, propagation methods, and usage. Next you will cultivate domestic plants seeds and seedlings. You will also visit a modern distillation factory that produces herbal waters in large scale. At the end of your Pink Tour, you can try traditional Persian bath and massage to get energetic.

Besides, you will have Iranian traditional dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and if interested you can learn a few tips about Persian culinary skills.

1-day and half-day tour packages are also available. Contact HelloPersia to book your Pink Tour 2019 right now or get more information about the packages and prices.

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