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How to Stay Safe While Traveling in Iran

Farzad Hosseinpour Apr 6, 2019 3 min read

Police and emergency services in Iran are quite above Middle East standards in terms of responsiveness and effectiveness. You can see uniformed police forces and military personnel in hot spots. Due to the fact that Iran is attracting more and more foreign tourists each year, Iran’s law enforcement agency has established a special unit to provide services to foreigners in major destinations in the country. The so-called ‘Tourism Police’ units are stationed in popular tourist attractions and can speak several languages.

They are ready to provide visitors with information on law, regulations, customs, and attractions.

Tourism Police in Iran
Tourism Police in Iran

Like elsewhere in the world, there are sensitive sites in Iran which you cannot photograph. You should not take photos of military sites and facilities, police stations and places where there’s a no-photography sign. If you get into a trouble with the police by unknowingly photographing the wrong thing, tell them that you are a tourist and delete the pictures.

As a foreigner, you should also carry your passport with you at all times. This could be a little tricky as hotels also should keep guests’ passports for possible inspection by police. Therefore, it is advisable to make a few copies of the information page of your passport and your Iranian visa.

Emergency Services

There are a few emergency phone numbers which you should know while traveling in Iran. The first one is 110 which belongs to Emergency Police Center. It is the number you should dial in case you have an emergency. The response times are very good and you can call the toll-free number even without a sim card.

Iran Emergency Services
Emergency 3-digit Numbers in Iran

If you need emergency medical services you should dial 115. They dispatch ambulances and medical rescue teams to respond to emergencies. 112 is another emergency number which you should know. It belongs to Iran Red Crescent Society which is the country’s relief and rescue organization. They respond to natural disasters and incidents outside the cities.

You can reach the fire department by dialing 125 to report fire or other related emergencies. Similar to other emergency numbers, 125 is toll-free number and you can access it with your mobile phone even without a sim card.

Medical Facilities

Iran has a comprehensive healthcare system which provides outstanding services. You can find big medical centers as well as public and private hospitals in major cities across the country.

Iran Hospital
Iran has an outstanding healthcare system.

Before traveling to Iran, make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccines (including influenza, tetanus, measles, polio, and diphtheria). With a good travel insurance policy, you can get the required medical services in Iran. The country is in fact becoming a major health tourism hub in the region, with many foreign patients travel to Iran for different sorts of medical treatment.


Iran is a safe country and Iranians are a hospitable and friendly nation. It is in fact much safer than what mainstream media want you to believe. Violence and insecurity are not an issue. Violent crimes are rare but like elsewhere petty crimes including muggings, thefts and pick-pocketing in crowded areas could happen.

The whole country is safe to explore but while approaching border areas particularly in the southeast, it is advisable to take precautionary measures.

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