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Getting to know ancient religion of Zoroastrians

Farzad Hosseinpour May 7, 2019 2 min read

Zoroastrianism was the dominant religion of ancient Persia. If you are interested to know more about the faith, then Yazd is the city you should visit. Here, you might even be able to take part in some Zoroastrian ceremonies.

Yazd and its neighboring cities are home to Iran’s second-largest population of Zoroastrians. The city is in fact a popular destination for all Zoroastrians and those who want to know more about Iran’s history and culture.

Zoroastrianism Sacred Places
Pir-e Sabz fire temple in the village of Chak Chak.

There are plenty of fire temples in and around Yazd. The Pir-e Sabz fire temple in the village of Chak Chak near Ardakan is the most distinguished of them. If you visit the temple between June 14 and 18, you will see crowds of Zoroastrians taking part in their annual religious ceremony.

In the city of Yazd, you can pay a visit to the famous Zoroastrian Fire Temple which is home to the sacred fire. The flame has been kept alight continuously for more than 1500 years. There is also the Towers of Silence on the outskirts of Yazd. The towers served as a burial site for Zoroastrians for thousands of years.

Among the most important festivities in Zoroastrianism are Sadeh Festival and Hiromba. The former is a mid-winter festival held in several towns and villages including Cham (Taft) on January 28 or 29. Hiromba is also a festival of fire taking place on April 15 in Sharif Abad (near Pir-e Herisht fire temple). Some believe Hiromba is a local version of Sadeh Festival.

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