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Sahand, the Bride of Mountains

HelloPersia Nov 25, 2018 Less than 1 minute

Sahand Mountain is “the bride of mountains” in Iran. It is one of the country’s six volcanoes. It is shrouded in snow in cold seasons and carpeted with flower fields during springtime. The mountain range, 40 kilometers south of Tabriz, is an all-year resort drawing large numbers of nature lovers.

Sahand mountain view
Sahand Mountain

The lush valleys in the range are a popular hangout for locals who prefer to spend weekends enjoying a barbecue with family and friends in nature. At the same time, the snow-covered peaks are full of opportunities for exciting winter sports. Ski lovers hit the slopes and mountaineers head there for an exclusive climbing and hiking experience.

Sahand Ski Resort
Sahand Ski Resort

With a total slope length of 1200 meters and a world-class powder snow, Sahand Ski Resort is definitely an exciting destination for snow lovers. The gorgeous skiing resort is in fact the biggest in northwest Iran.

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