Shazdeh Garden

A Glimpse of Paradise

HelloPersia Nov 26, 2018 Less than 1 minute

A glimpse of paradise in the heart of the desert! Shazdeh Garden is arguably the most mesmerizing specimen of a Persian garden. The garden, on the foothill of Joopar Mountain, was the 9th Persian Garden to be added onto UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

A stunning two-story portal welcomes you to a breathtaking garden with a series of overrunning fountains. The path, with lofty trees and rosebushes on either side, leads you to the main mansion. The building was once the residence of Abdul Hamid Mirza, one of the last princes of the Qajar dynasty.

Shazdeh Garden
Shazdeh Garden

The leafy trees and rose bushes in spring or a walk through the garden during summer nights will linger on in your memory. You can also soak up the tranquil atmosphere of the garden in fall when all trees dazzle visitors with their colorful leaves. When it comes to winter, snow-capped mountains and snow-shrouded trees give the place a totally stunning look.

Around sunset when the sun is low in the sky, floodlights illuminate the mansion and fountains. The main mansion serves as a souvenir shop and also a traditional teahouse-restaurant offering divine home-style local foods.

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