Bridge of 33 Arches

Farzad Hosseinpour May 6, 2019 2 min read

Si-o-se-pol, or the Bridge of 33 Arches, is a beautiful and famous bridge on the Zayanderud River in Isfahan. The picturesque bridge has become the iconic symbol of Isfahan, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The pedestrian-only bridge is one of the many bridges Allahverdi Khan, a commander of Shah Abbas I, built during the prosperous Safavid era.

The construction work of the bridge began in 1599. It was just one year after Shah Abbas I moved the capital of his empire from Qazvin to Isfahan. The construction took three years and finished in 1602. It is also nearly 300 meters long and 14 meters wide.

Si-o-se-pol in Isfahan
Si-o-se-pol in Isfahan

Si-o-se-pol, which takes its name from its 33 arches, is largest of the eleven historical bridges on Zayanderud. Today, water flows through the bridge only during some seasons. However, the bridge is still a must-see for visitors. Locals also frequent the bridge as it is their favorite hangout where they can enjoy an evening walk or a family gathering. The place has a nice and pleasant atmosphere at evenings when young singers and musicians gather to present their art.

Si-o-se-pol in Isfahan
The picturesque bridge has become the iconic symbol of Isfahan.

Many regard the structure as one of the best examples of Iran’s Safavid architecture. You should definitely pay the beautiful bridge a visit when you are in Isfahan. Si-o-se-pol is located in the southern end of Chahar Bagh Avenue.

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