Splendid Monuments

A Treasure Trove of Historic Sites

HelloPersia Nov 20, 2018 Less than 1 minute

As a treasure trove of historic sites and monuments, Isfahan is a delight to explore. It is the third capital of the prosperous Safavid dynasty and owes much of its glory to their rulers. The dynasty was the most powerful and significant one since the Muslim conquest of Persia.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

The Safavid rulers made Isfahan a spiritual bastion of Shia Islam. Their rivalry with the Ottoman Empire led to the improvement of ties with Europe. They invited architects, artists, poets and scholars from all over the country to create other-worldly monuments in Isfahan. The aim was to make Isfahan the most stunning city in the world.

Today, you can get an insight into the era by visiting breathtaking sights like Hasht Behesht Palace, Ali Qapu, and Naqsh-e Jahan Square. In conclusion, Isfahan is the place to visit to witness the glory of Persian and Islamic art and architecture.

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