Grand Bazaar of Tehran and Tajrish Bazaar

Two Amazing Bazaars

HelloPersia Nov 27, 2018 3 min read

Tehran’s bazaars are busy and bustling! Unique in their design and architecture, Tehran’s Grand Bazaar and Tajrish Bazaar can dazzle anyone. If you are willing to get a taste of Tehran’s old days, just visit one of the stunning markets. By doing so, you will jump in a time machine and get to know the lifestyle of the capital dwellers not long ago.

The Grand Bazaar is in the southern part of Tehran. It is close to various important attractions including the Golestan Palace complex. Tehran’s Grand Bazaar is considered not only the biggest bazaar in the city but the largest one in the world. Simplicity is beauty: it is very down-to-earth unlike bazaars in some parts of the Middle East or even Africa.

Tehran Grand Bazaar
Tehran Grand Bazaar

Do you need to buy something?

Your patience will be running thin when you visit Tehran’s Grand Bazaar. You arrive at the bazaar with empty hands but you may leave it having bought everything but the kitchen sink. It is a big local market with various sections selling any imaginable product. You can find whatever you need here from jewelry to food and spices.

It is normal to feel dizzy after walking around the bazaar for hours. The more you discover, the more you want to explore the alleyways of the bazaar. If you want to take a rest, just ask a local to usher you the way out. But don’t forget to have something pleasant in the teahouses and famous restaurants nearby such as Sharaf-ol-Eslami and Moslem.

Tajrish Bazaar Tehran
Tajrish Bazaar in Tehran

Tajrish Bazaar is another major market in the northern part of the capital. The bazaar is close to Imamzadeh Saleh Mausoleum and Velenjak, Darband and Darakeh Mountain resorts. Like the Grand Bazaar, Tajrish Bazaar features the architectural style of traditional bazaars in Tehran.

You can walk through its long and narrow passages to purchase anything you desire including clothes, fabrics, spices, and nuts. Did you know Tajrish Bazaar is also one of the main markets for fresh veggies? You can find all kinds of fruits and vegetables just in a jiffy.

Don’t forget to take a deep breath and fill in your lungs with fresh air when you wander around Tajrish Bazaar. Some people find it more tourist-friendly and pleasing than the Grand Bazar. Anyway, the market is a good spot for shopping, relaxing, drinking a cup of coffee or tea and enjoying the weather as well as the view of nearby mountains.

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