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The Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense Museum

Iraq-Iran War Memorial

Farzad Hosseinpour
2 minutes read

Iran is a land with thousands of years of history. Travelers usually choose the country for its rich ancient history but exploring the country’s more recent pas could also have its own merits. The Holy Defense Museum is one of the places which can provide valuable insight into post-Islamic Revolution Iran.

The contemporary exhibit is one of Iran’s largest museums. The museum employs new technologies to depict Iraq-Iran War (1980-1988) or as Iranians call it the “imposed war”. You may find the museum modern in look and informative in content. It consists of different parts including the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, Flag Tower, conference halls, a library, and panorama museum.

Holy Defense Museum in Iran
Holy Defense Museum in Iran

There is a section exhibiting photos of martyrs as well as war scenes, personal objects of soldiers including letters and identification tags. You can take a close look at tanks and missile launchers outside the museum’s building. There are also battlefield reconstructions complete with bunkers, a minefield and air raid simulator. The museum aims to glorify achievements and sacrifices made by Iranians during the eight-year conflict and honor those who lost their lives in the battle.

Holy Defense Museum in Iran
Holy Defense Museum in Iran

The museum is located near Tehran’s Vanak Square and you will need half a day to explore the landscaped area. You can also get to the museum via Line 1 of Tehran’s Metro. You should get to Haghani Metro Station and walk a little bit to reach the museum entrance.

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