Traditional Cuisine

Traditional Authentic Cuisine

HelloPersia Nov 25, 2018 2 min read

Tabriz is famous for its authentic and traditional cuisine across Iran. You can find delicious Kebabs and grilled lamb in almost every restaurant in Tabriz. But that’s not all. You have a whole range of local foods and desserts to choose from including kufteh, dolma, basluq, and baqlava. Various kinds of soups and traditional breads are also popular in Tabriz.

Dolme Food Tabriz
Dolme, Local Tabrizi Dish

Today, thanks to international restaurants we can have a taste of all kinds of world cuisines. But we all know that we can experience the true taste of a dish only where it originated. You may have tried kebabs in Iranian restaurants in your city. But you definitely need to tuck into Persian kebabs in their original birthplace to learn how divine the food is. Traditional and modern restaurants, kebabis (restaurants serving only Kebab) and fast food shops in Tabriz won’t let your appetite down. Haj Ali Kebabi in the bazaar and Sofre Khaney-e Shahriar just a stone’s throw away from museums and The Blue Mosque are too good to miss.

Tabriz Sweets
Tabrizi Baqlava

It is not only Tabriz’s traditional foods that will win your heart but also its heavenly pastries usually paired with a cup of tea. Tabriz is the city of people with a sweet tooth whose dining tables are always arrayed with innumerable desserts and jams of almost every kind. If you are invited to a meal by a Tabrizi family, you are going to have a once-in-a-lifetime food experience, you have my words! Bone appetite!

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