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The Aroma of Delicious Foods

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People in Kerman have remained true to the traditional cuisine of the region. A mouth-watering array of foods and pastries in Kerman won’t let foodies down. The aroma coming from any restaurant or kitchen beckons you to dive into your food journey.

If you ask locals about the king of traditional foods in Kerman, most would say Boz Qorme. It contains lamb breast and beef as its main ingredients. It is also served with cooked rice or bread, two of the staples of Iranian cuisine.

Traditional Kerman Food
Traditional Kerman Food

You should also try Abgoosht-e Zireh (cumin stew), Khoresh-e Beh-Aloo (quince-plum stew), and Kashk e Kadoo (Zucchini). Different kinds of soups (aash) in traditional tea-house restaurants are also among popular traditional foods in Kerman.

Different kinds of Qatoq are also native to Kerman. The watery dish is served with small pieces of bread soaked in.

Moreover, if you have a sweet tooth Kerman offers you plenty of options. Traditional pastries from walnut and saffron Kolompeh to different kinds of Halva, Masqati, Komach, and Bereshtuk will keep you happy.

Atmospheric Sofre-khane of Ganjali Khan Complex and the stunning restaurant of Shazdeh Garden are the top places to mop up heavenly yummy local foods.

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