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Underground City of Nushabad

An Ancient Subterranean Refuge

Farzad Hosseinpour
2 minutes read

Just a few kilometers away from the city of Kashan, lies an amazing but lesser known attraction. The Underground City of Nushabad, also known as “Ouyi”, is a whole city at a depth of 4 to 16 meters beneath the surface.

Nushabad Underground City
Nushabad Underground City

The three-story refuge served as an underground bunker or shelter at the time of war. It consists of corridors, rooms, halls, canals and ventilation shafts. Apart from the main entrance, the height of each story is about the average human height. In addition to the passageways, wells connecting all stories together served as a ventilation system. Due to solid structure of the walls and traces of digging tools, archaeologists believe locals used cutting tools with diamond tips to carve the city. Niches in walls and chairs hewn out of walls will call your attention. After you walk down the steep stairs of the entrance you will see a big and very old cistern next to the underground city.

Nushabad Underground City
Nushabad Underground City

Scholars date the underground city back to 1500 years ago (the Sassanid era). Locals used the city up until the Qajar era. However, it remained unknown until a local unexpectedly discovered it in his courtyard as he was digging a water well. Nushabad entered the list of Iran’s national heritage in 2006.

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