Unique Handicrafts

Walking through the Grand Bazaar

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Presence of different cultures in Iran has led to a great diversity of handicrafts. They tell a lot about the creativity and aesthetic taste of different communities. In Isfahan, quite like other top tourist destinations in Iran, you will come across a huge range of handicrafts. The city is in fact a hub for crafts and folk art. Walking through the traditional bazaar, you can see craftsmen working to bring stone, metal and wood to life.


Turquoise is key to Isfahan’s handicrafts. The gemstone’s qualities have made it widely popular among Iranians. If one is to associate Isfahan with a color, then it must be turquoise blue. You can find the color everywhere, from the tilework in mosques to enameled plates and vases created through the art of mina-kari.

Unique Handicraft
Exquisite pieces of Mina-kari

The blue tableware that win your attention while wandering through labyrinths of bazaars are also called mina-kari.  While buying souvenirs from Isfahan, make sure items decorated through the art of mina-kari are on your list.


But mina-kari is only a single item on the long list of Isfahan’s handicrafts. Be prepared for much more. In Isfahan, you will find a khatam-kari version of almost anything, from pencil cases, and jewelry boxes to clocks, picture frames and backgammon boards. Khatam-kari is an art form where wooden surfaces are decorated with pieces of wood, bone and metal.

Unique Handicrafts
Khatam-kari jewelry boxes


Ghalam-kari is another popular art in Isfahan. Paisleys blocked on ghalam-kari cloth resemble patterns of Iranian outfits during the Safavid era. A piece of ghalam-kari at your home would bring back to your mind all you loved about Isfahan, its history and art.

Isfahan ghalamkari
Iranian craftsman making a ghalam-kari tablecloth

Moreover, look out for filigree items, copper works, hand-woven carpets and fine fabrics such as makhmal and zari. You will definitely enjoy your journey through this wonderland of handicrafts.

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