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HelloPersia Nov 25, 2018 2 min read

Are you a foodie, veggie, or a fan of traditional cuisine? Just come to visit Tehran, a city where you can find great food relatively easy. There are various unique restaurants and coffee shops in the Iranian capital to satisfy your hunger.

Food can express deeply-held cultural values in each country. Naturally, eating good food in a good restaurant will constitute a wonderful experience with lasting effects. Therefore, if you are looking to enjoy your Iran tour by eating good food then restaurants in Tehran will offer you countless options.

Tehran Restaurant in Darband
Tehran Restaurant in Darband

A wide range of foods from Indian to Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Lebanese and traditional Iranian dishes can be served in different restaurants in the capital.

Iranian Kebabs

Do Iranian kebabs drive you crazy? Chill out and pull yourself together. But don’t forget to have them with rice and bread. You never feel the joy of eating Iranian kebabs without them, for sure. Are you a Muslim? No worries. All food on the menu is halal. I mean ingredients come from religiously lawful sources and no wine is used in the cooking, no forbidden types of meat such as pork and all meats are from animals slaughtered in a lawful manner.

Iranian Kebab
Iranian kebabs

No matter what kind of food you like, Tehran can provide you all. Just name it: traditional or modern? Let me talk about Tehran’s traditional restaurants called “Sofrekhaneh”.

Do you want to get a whiff of Tehran’s old days? Just visit Sofrekhaneh: a subterranean place tastefully decorated with Iranian handwoven carpets and antique objects. People like such an atmosphere because they can pass their relaxing time over their meal. It’s better to go there for dinner when you can enjoy live music while tucking into your divine Iranian dish. Your trip will not get finished without having traditional food in such stunning traditional restaurants as well as tea houses. So, don’t miss them.

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