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HelloPersia Nov 26, 2018 2 min read

Accommodations in Yazd range from world-class hotels to economic lodges. Plenty of Yazd’s traditional houses have been converted into motels or boutique hotels. This makes it easy for travelers to book a place in the high season.

You can find most of the traditional accommodations within Yazd’s old town. UNESCO has listed the area as a world heritage site because the town’s houses and accommodations have maintained their traditional architecture. Almost all the buildings feature clay and mud-bricks which give a similar look to the exterior of all the buildings. As a result, tourists have always appreciated the architecture of the historical houses.

Traditional Hotel in Yazd
A Traditional Hotel in Yazd

The style of architecture of the historical mansions from Qajar and Safavid eras is Godal Baghcheh. In this style, rooms are around a courtyard in two-stories featuring a fountain pool. Moreover, most of the buildings have wind towers as of the main feature in their architecture. They feature colored-glass windows, fine plaster-work and mirror-work. Many of the courtyards now serve as traditional tea-houses. Guests can enjoy having tea and local drinks in the tea-houses and talking to other travelers. Tehrani, Shokouhi, Mahmoudi and Khan-e Lari houses are among the must-see mansions.

Some accommodations have a special offer for the international guests: a sleeping mattress. This is for those who would love to experience traditional Iranian lifestyle.

Some of the restaurants and tea-houses are on the rooftops, where guests can spend evenings relaxing and overlooking the old town and neighboring sights. So if you are planning to visit Iran make sure not to miss Yazd’s traditional houses.

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