Visit Iran to Heal Your Broken Heart!

Solo Female Travelers in Iran

Abdollah Dehnadfar Jan 30, 2019 5 min read

Some say when something good happens, travel to celebrate it. When nothing happens and you feel bored travel to make something happen. But when someone breaks your heart travel to heel it. So heeling your offended heart is the third case! But the very first priority for solo female travelers!

While reading memoirs of female solo travelers, I saw the story of Ana, a Spanish girl with dark green eyes. She decided to visit Iran after she broke up with her partner, to cure her misery and hopelessness. She frankly said her trip to Iran made an unforgettable and unexpected one:

“Iran taught me life lessons in humbleness, kindness, intercultural friendship, and hospitality.”

Solo female traveler in Iran
Ana, a solo female traveler in Iran

The similarity between Ana and Liz Gilbert

Ana’s story just reminded me of Julia Roberts and one of her best films based on one of the most iconic, and bestselling books of our time: Eat Pray Love.

The story of Elizabeth Gilbert (Julia Roberts) who had everything a woman can wish for, but still confused and dissatisfied. So she got divorced and started traveling to explore three different aspects of her nature to heel her depression and confusion. Pleasure in Italy, devotion in India, and a balance between worldly enjoyment and divine transcendence on the Indonesian island of Bali.

But Ana, instead of following Liz, decided to visit Iran to heel her broken heart. And was amazed to find out how deep was the gap between what is said about Iran in media, and the reality she experienced in Iran.

Tourist traveling solo in Iran
Tourist traveling solo in Iran

“You don’t know how happy I am to see you, with your two angles, in my country!”

Like many foreign visitors, you will get pretty much attention in Iran. Grandpas, grandmas, mothers, fathers, and youngsters in parks, food courts, malls and anywhere else, treat you as their own guest. They smile at you with respect and kindness and try to assist you in any possible way.

I remember another female tourist who visited Iran with her two kids. She talked to me about her voyage and her very sweet feeling. She met an old man in a small town in southern Iran, who welcomed them in a nice and grandfatherly way:

Once an old man, on his old bike, rides down the street, stops just next to us and says: ‘Welcome to Iran! You don’t know how happy I am to see you, with your two angles in my country!’ and rides away…

Narrating her travel story, the green-eyed Spanish girl also pointed to a negative experience as well. Solo female travelers sometimes suffer harassment from creepy men who can be found anywhere in the world. Sadly, it also happens in Iran, but it is a minor issue.

Solo female traveler in Iran

Iran is perfect for family tours

I can tell you that Iran is surely one of the best places on the globe for family tours, cultural tours, and solo or group female visitors.

Many believe the Iranian people are the main tourist attraction of the country. To believe it deeply you can read travelogues of some famous travelers such as Anthony Bourdain! Iranians treat you this way! They make friends with you in no time and many of them invite you to their home just after a short talk.

Iranians are really polite to female travelers and they express their feelings in a courteous and sincere way. Listen to Ana and believe her! She is right:

In Iran, even if I put a scarf and a coat, I mean – everybody sees my green eyes and blond hair,so I do look different. And it’s the first country, I felt a total respect and nice words from any man. Man could say a compliment, even a very beautiful and metaphoric one, but in a super polite, respectful way.

My solo trip to Iran was not only safe, it was a wonderful experience that greatly exceeded my expectations. Iranians are the real treasure of the country!

Your Iranian mothers care about your comfort and safety

In my opinion, Iranian mothers are also a treasure of Iran! They take care of female travelers as their own children! You can easily feel their motherly kindness from the way they look at you. They support you as a foreigner woman. While many of them cannot speak English they try to express their kindness and goodwill. We all know that a kind honest smile is the common human language easily understandable everywhere in the world.

Iranian mothers help you, keep an eye on you in busy public places if you ask them for help.

Another female tourist also talked about the impression she got from Iranian mothers. She said she felt a kind of pure affection from Iranian older women during her long journey around Iran. Here is another testimonial from a solo woman visitor to the land of culture, civilization and poetry:

In Iran, I felt safe and at home, you will too! My anxiety, completely vanished after a few hours in Tehran. Other travelers I met confirmed my first impressions.

There was nothing to worry about! Of course, as women, we always need to be cautious and exercise common sense. Honestly, I felt safer in Iran than I did walking alone in the streets of London, Paris, or NYC. I recommend you to find a local friend you can trust. This is surprisingly easy to do in Iran.

My solo trip to Iran was not only safe, it was a wonderful experience that greatly exceeded my expectations. Iran is a safe, comfortable, and fascinating experience.


Be prepared to be the center of attention. Locals are the biggest treasure of this country. If Iranian families invite you to their homes, I highly recommend you accept it. These interactions with locals will definitely be the best part of your trip to Iran as a solo female traveler!

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