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You can receive your travel card upon arriving at an international airport in Iran. We may also be able to send it to your hotel. We will give you the details after you submit the application.
You can load any initial balance into the card when you collect it at the airport. You can pay in cash and the amount will be loaded into your card.
The travel card is the perfect alternative to your international credit card in Iran. You can use it at every POS/ATM with SHETAB logo across Iran.
SHETAB is an umbrella banking network in Iran. All Iranian banks are connected to SHETAB.
Account balance top-up is possible through bank transfers. Select the top-up option in the app/website. You will then get our bank account info, as well as your specific reference number. Transfer the money to the provided bank account using your reference number, and we will top up your account balance as soon as the money is transferred to our account. Note that we only accept payments sent by yourself.
Yes. The sum of the account top-up values should always be less than 10,000 EUR. Any incoming money transfer exceeding this figure would not be accepted.
Your last three transactions are always shown to you in the bottom section of the app's landing page. You can also access your full transaction history simply by going to the 'Transaction History' section of the app/website.
The card PIN can be changed via ATMs of the issuing bank. You can also go to the branches of the issuing bank and ask the clerk to do so for you.
Yes, you can withdraw 2,000,000 IRR per day.
Iran Prepaid Travel Card
1 card / €20 per card
Total: €20
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