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Yes, you need to have a travel insurance policy for your Iran trip. It must clearly state that a trip to Iran is covered.
It depends on your age and length of stay in Iran. The premium starts from as low as 8 euros for an adult.
The travel insurance policy comes into effect when you legally enter Iran.
The insured or his/her companion should call HelloPersia Support Team at +44 208 089 2252. We will contact Saman Insurance on your behalf. You need to provide the information/documents required by the insurer while making a claim.
In addition to your personal information, we only need to know the length of your stay in Iran.
Travel insurance covers expenses arising from unforeseen events for your trip to Iran. You can see the details of the travel insurance coverage here.
Travel insurance won’t cover events that were reasonably foreseeable. It’s important to check the exclusions in your policy document.
You can contact HelloPersia Support Team if you have any questions.
Our Iran travel insurance service is non-refundable; therefore, once you have purchased your policy, it cannot be cancelled.
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Blog Posts

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It is actually compulsory to get a travel insurance policy before you can obtain an Iranian visa. The policy should clearly state that it covers trips to Iran.
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Iran is a very safe destination for traveling according to an article published by British online newspaper The Independent. The Travel Risk Map also places Iran among the countries with a low risk to travel to alongside the UK.
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Police and Emergency Services

Police and emergency services in Iran are quite above Middle East standards in terms of responsiveness and effectiveness.
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